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Author Topic: TGL's SPC Fan-Fict  (Read 191877 times)
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« on: September 08, 2007, 07:03:24 pm »

the original Fan-Fict was actually a Crash Bandicoot one, back in 2005, but i never wrote it up...so i've done over 30 non-finished fan-ficts & this is my 1st ever finished fan-fict...it took me just over 2 weeks to write up...as i had a WHOLE weekend without the internet in june, which helped

so enjoy this fan-fict....& there is also a couple of error's....i placed in there on purpose, so try & find them!!!

TGL’s Samurai Pizza Cat Fan-Fict: The Warrior Warping Alive (its a skit of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card, "The Warrior Returning Alive"

Narrator: When we last left our hero’s, Little Tokyo was nearly re-built after the Big Comet Caper, The Big Cheese Was still in power & the Samurai Pizza Cats Are fighting the same Enemy as before, so nothing much has really happened until now, on SAMURAI PIZZA CATS, CUE THE THEME TUNE!
-Samurai Pizza Cats Theme Tune plays-
Narrator: 21st Century Little Tokyo, everywhere is clean, no CO2 emissions, while back on Planet Earth, a kid is on his bike of to the shops
TGL: (Bohemian Rhapsody)#Francine, ooh, didn't mean to make you cry, if i am not back again with a big tip#
-Suddenly, warp hole appears in front of TGL & he cycles right through it!-
TGL: What the....AAAH #Doctor Who Theme Tune: Woo Woooo Wooo, Woo, Wooo, Wooo, Woo, dun dun dun dun, dune dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, WooooooWOOOO#
Speedy: Cats Eye Slash!!!!!!!
Guido: Hey kid, watch out!!!
TGL: huh?.....aaaah......-KERBOOM-
Bad Bird: this is cue to leave! We'll meat again Pizza Cats!
Polly: -rushes over to TGL- hey kid, you alright?
Speedy: maybe we should get him back to the pizza parlor instead of out here!
-Back at the Pizza Parlor-
Guido: is he alright?
Polly: he's got a bruised arm, but he's alright
TGL: Huh? Where am i? & who are you guy's?
Speedy: i am Speedy Cerviche, I'm the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats
Polly: my name's Polly Esther, the female member of the Pizza Cats, i believe in the Power of LOVE!
Guido: the names Guido Anchovy, I'm a wild romantic lover, i get down down, with a love hang-over
Speedy, Polly, Guido: And together we are the, SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!
Speedy: who might you be?, as we've told you who we are!
TGL: 0h, I'm T6L, from planet E@rth, i got warped here, i don't know why or even how, but you guys took care of me, so the least i can do is work here, with you guys!
Guido: well, we do need a extra hand, what do ya say Francine?
Francine: well, sure you can stay here & work
Polly: hey, TGL, can you keep a secret?
TGL: sure what is it?
Polly: well, you know us as the Samurai Pizza Cats, nobody knows who we are, so can you keep our secret?
Francine: Hey guys, Al dente wants a word you guys, right now!
Al Dente: next time, walk, its much easier & it'll help you lose weight!
Speedy: what did you want to see us for Big Al?
Al Dente: i wanted to talk to about the new kid, TGL, but it seems that you've already met him, i bought him here, to help yous fight The Big Cheese & his new allies, Dr. Neo Cortex, i don't know if he's only, or with a evil group, but keep an eye out, for anything that stands out!
Narrator: could this be the end for the Pizza Cats, i don't think so, as we enter a short break!
Singing Sensation: #Samurai Pizza Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats# (and again)
Dr. Neo Cortex: so its settled then, we'll work together to defeat the Pizza Cats & then take over the world!
The Big Cheese: well, i didn't  plan to take over the world, but hey the world is our oyster, so lets send our improved Ninja Crows & destroy Little Tokyo!
Dr. Neo Cortex: Destroy, are you mad?
The Big Cheese, nope, I'm Bi-sexual, but thats not the Point here, the Ninja Crows will cause Havoc in Little Tokyo, the Pizza Cats will come out, “Try” to defeat them, but they'll be defeated & hopefully killed, then we'll launch our attack on the world!
Dr. Neo Cortex: Brilliant plan, why didn't i come up with that!
-somewhere in Little Tokyo-
Coco: Hey Crash, where are we?
Crash: i don't know sis, it must have been Cortex's Vortex that brought us here
Crunch: when we get back to N.Sanity Island, Ill kill him!
-Back at the Pizza Parlor-
Francine: hey guy's, we've got trouble in Little Tokyo!
Guido: here we go again don't those Ninja Crows know when to give up?
Speedy: Who cares, as long we we're in a job, i don't mind
Polly: Lets go, you too TGL, go into the far oven, don't worry, you wont get burnt!
Singing Sensation: #Who do you call, when you want some pepperoni?, Samurai Pizza Cats#
Narrator: #Those cats fight crime, when they're around, you'll fall the the ground!#
Singing Sensation: #Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we have to pay?#
Francine: Wind velocity is good, check, (Over Tannoy)Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls, I'd like to introduce you to the Samurai Pizza Cats, they're off to fight crime now, so stand behind the white line, cover your ears & enjoy the launch!
TGL: Lunch? Whats for Lunch?
-The Samurai Pizza Cats fly off into the sky-
Mama Mutt: Hey son, its those Pizza Cats again, who's that with them?
Mama Mutt's Son: i don't know, must be the new guy, the writers have been talking about, they must be off to fight cortex!
Coco: did she say Cortex? Lets follow those Pizza cats!
-Crash, Coco & Crunch follow the Samurai Pizza Cats, who land on a building near Dr. Neo Cortex & Bad bird-
Dr. Neo Cortex: this city will be soon mine -cough- i mean ours!
Crash: Not so fast Cortex!
Bad Bird: who said that?
Speedy: it wasn't us!
Coco: it was us
Bad Bird: who are they? & who are the other voices?
Crash: I'm Crash Bandicoot, thats my brother Crunch Bandicoot & thats my little sister, Coco
Dr. Neo Cortex: D'oh! I hoped they weren't here, ah well, the show must go on & the show will have Crash, Crunch & Coco killed!
Bad Bird: that means, those voices, they can only be.....OH NO!
TGL: *Freddie Mercury Style* (The Great Pretender – Freddie Mercury) #Oh yes, I'm the new Pizza Cat, ooh ooh, yes thats me, who would you expect?# the names TGL!
Guido: Time to defeat evil, with my sun-spot umbrella, Guido Anchovy at your service!
Polly: We take out the bad guys, with the power of LOVE, Polly Esther here
Speedy: With my Ginzu sword, we'll beat the bad guys for sure now, Speedy Cerviche here
TGL/Guido/Polly/Speedy: together we are, THE GINYU FORCE, wait wrong script, PIZZA CATS!
Bad Bird: I'm getting too old for this, NINJA CROWS ATTACK!
Dr. Neo Cortex: Tiny, Nina, N.Gin ATTACK!
TGL: come on Ninja Crows, attack me, if you can!
-as the battle rages on, Tiny, Nina, N.Gin & Dr. Neo Cortex head back to the Big Cheese's office-
Bad Bird: Mechano, COME ON OUT!
Speedy: oh great, this is all we need!
TGL: Don't worry Speedy, its 8 against 1 big monster, we'll easily take it out
Polly: yeah, so don't worry Speedy!
Bad Bird: Hehehaha, you can't stop the power of Mechano he's so powerful, he can destroy the Big Cheese, so, you feeling lucky, punk?
-The Samurai Pizza Cat's “Megazord” came in just in time & as always, the Pizza Cats (Speedy, Polly, Guido & TGL) transform into their advanced battle armor, Guido & Polly Teleport into the Supreme Catatonic-
Narrator: Could this be the end for the Pizza Cats? Wait, I've already done that part, -Cough- find out happens the break on
Singing Sensation: #Samurai Pizza Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats# (and again)
Big Cheese: i hate these new ad breaks, we only had one each episode, so far we've two of them!
-Back to the battle field-
Bad Bird: take that Crash & Coco:
TGL: i got ya both, just stay there & me & Speedy will take care of him!
Crash: thanks
TGL/Speedy: Right Bad Bird, you've really ticked me off, time to get out the Ginzu!
Narrator: you've seen this many of times, Speedy & his Ginzu, but with new technology, you can watch either Speedy or TGL & their Ginzu Sword, by Pressing the Red button on your Remotes now!
-Zuuuuuuuuuuum as Bad Bird Dodges the Ginzu Sword swipe & its hits Mechano & it explodes-
Bad Bird: I'll get you next time you Samurai Pizza Cats & Friends, as i think I've left the oven on!
Crunch: Any time Bad Bird, any time!
TGL/Speedy/Catatonic(Polly & Guido): Ta-Da!
-Back at the Big Cheese's office-
Big Cheese: those Pizza Cats destroyed our best machine, i think I'm gonna explode!
Jerry: I think you guys should move, as this will be powerful
Big Cheese: Arghhhhhhh -Explosion-
Dr. N.Gin/Dr. Neo Cortex: does he always do that?
Jerry: Yes
Dr. Neo Cortex: good thing I've got insurance, with D-Mac Finance, with D-Mac Finance, they'll sort out all your finance & insurance worries, visit www.devanmack.com
Jerry: sounds like my cup of tea!
-back at the Pizza Parlour-
Speedy: we'll let yea stay here, until you can go back home!
Coco: Thanks Speedy, we'll help around the Pizza Parlour in return
TGL: so basically, this is going be a LONG series now, but you haven't answered my question, What's for Lunch?
Narrator: So, The Pizza Cats have got new friends, so ONCE AGAIN, THE DAY IS SAVED THANKS TO THE POWER PUFF GIRLS, wait wrong show, -cough- Thanks to the...
Speedy/Polly/Guido/TGL: PIZZA CATS! Crash/Coco/Crunch: Bandicoots!
-Samurai Pizza Cats Outro-
TGL: -Porky Pig Style- Tha...tha...that's all folks!

i hope ya enjoyed it...any questions i will answer!!!!

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« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2007, 05:31:39 pm »

Liked that one, it was very funny!  I didn't actually spot the deliberate errors in there; what were they?

If it's not SPC, TMNT, BMFM, Swat Kats or Sonic, what's the point?
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Strange, I didn't say I'd return!

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« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2007, 02:41:13 pm »

thanks...i've been waiting for a relpy  Cry Shocked

I'm T6L, from planet E@rth,

if that helps Grin

TGLucario475 - TEN YEARS OF TGL, awesome!
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« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2007, 04:04:59 pm »

i like this, but I am also the guy who keeps being ignored, so who cares of what I say?
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