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Author Topic: Back in the Game... Maybe  (Read 2898 times)
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« on: May 24, 2021, 01:55:41 am »

And I emphasize the word "maybe".

I highly doubt anyone remembers, but back when I was in high school circa 1999-2000 I wrote some Pizza Cats fanfics featuring my namesake and his friends. In the years to follow, I considered them old shames and had them deleted from my Fanfiction.Net account. They were written by a 15-16 year-old who really didn't know what writing a proper fanfic entailed (heh) at the time, they didn't really do the Cats justice, and the original characters were bottom-rung where their descriptions and dialogue were concerned. There are ways to make even self-inserts look decent in the eyes of readers, and those weren't it. I think once someone told me that they were going to do a MSTing of one of the fics without my permission, but I never heard anything more from him and I don't think anything really came of it (and I'd rather not look).

Fast forward 22 years, give or take. I improve my writing abilities, little by little, and since 2012 I've finally been able to write a few things that I can look back on and not view them as the trash of the Internet.

Within the past few weeks, I finally got around to sitting down and watching KNT in its entirety after taking a break from it partway through in 2015 (ironically, because of my cats  Speedy Wink ). I'm reminded of what drove me to get involved in fan-related stuff back in the day, and that old desire to write fanfiction is trying to make a comeback. Even now, an idea for a crossover with the Touhou Project is percolating in my brain. There's yet to be such a pairing at FF.Net, it's been a while since anything SPC-related has turned up on the site, and it'll give me a chance to succeed where I failed before, so yeah: three Ninja Crows with one stone, if this works out right.  Grin

Fair warning: I don't know if I'm going to be able to write anything of worth before the plot bunnies scamper away. Nowadays the urge to write comes and goes due to constant tiredness and general apathy, and I'm going to have to watch SPC for a bit to get myself in the mood. But I have a few days coming up ahead of me when my workplace isn't going to be busy (barring a dentist's appointment for a replacement filling on Wednesday), so I'll see what I can do. Who knows? Maybe something worthwhile will come of this. So as a just-in-case measure, I'm setting this thread aside for any updates on that front.

That'll do it for now. Ciao mein, and see you later!

--EDITED a minute later--

Ah, bad gateways and double-posting. A fun combo, not really. ()^_^

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